Organize Your Morning Routine

Organize Your Morning Routine

Many of us struggle in the morning to get the kids to school on time and then get ourselves to work, while remembering everything everybody needs for their day.

Here are 3 easy tips to stop AM chaos:

Do as much preparation as you can the night before. Prepare lunches, select your outfit, help the kids choose what they are going to wear, lay out boots or umbrella or library books to be returned, fill out school notes (and return to the right backpack)—anything you’ll need the next day.

When kids finish their homework have them put it into their backpack, and the backpack should be placed by the door to prevent a morning crises! Write yourself a reminder note about anything you need to do that you can’t get done ahead of time.

Establish a family a schedule for the morning. Who goes into the bathroom first? Who walks the dog? Who feeds the dog? Work out all these chores ahead of time, and stick to the plan.

Author; Ronni Eisenberg

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