"I got your contact information from the Organization & Time Management Training that you have been leading with the Norwalk Public Library. First of all I want to say THANK YOU! for sharing your years of expertise, your experiences, ideas and strategies with our community, it really has been a great investment of my time and I have enjoyed learning all you have to share, I very much appreciate it. I have started following you on instagram, it is sad that we are already approaching the last part of the training, but I'm looking forward to getting more of your content there as so much of it resonates with me."



Thank you for sharing your incredible talents with the Darien Library community. Looking at the list, there were 71 attendees! Thank you for captivating the audience with your personal stories and driving the importance of getting one's life in order through time management. I greatly appreciate the presentation you gave, it was nothing short of incredibly informative and interesting.


It was a pleasure working with you. Pat and I would love to collaborate on another event in the future, we will be in touch.


Take advantage of the CA sun- enjoy the rest of your trip!




Amanda DeMaio | Darien Library
Adult Programming Librarian



Workshop Attendee
"Have You Had It With Being Disorganized?"


“I feel more organized just listening to Ronni. I wonder how long it took her to become so organized?

I just transferred all of my little notes to a spiral notebook.

Now I really feel like a student taking a course on ZOOM.”

Workshop Attendee
"Have You Had It With Being Disorganized?"


“Ronni really delivers. Her preparation is thorough, her ideas are creative, and her delivery is spot on. She knows her audience and how to connect with it. And it should go without saying that she is extremely efficient and buttoned up – and a real pleasure to work with.”

Mart Martin
The Coca Cola Company

"Mission accomplished! I made it to and from the burbs driving a rented Uhaul van - without incident - as part of my sorting/cleaning project at dad's house. Thankfully I have Professional Organizer extraordinaire Ronni Eisenberg working with me to keep this huge project from becoming overwhelming!"
Heidi Waldorf
Personal Client

“Ronni Eisenberg is an expert among experts. Ronni brings to the table a wealth of charm, expertise, and credibility that is difficult to find in three spokespeople, much less one!! As producers of live satellite news events for television programs across the country, it's important for my company to feel as confident in the story we are pitching as we feel about the person we have hired to deliver it. Ronni gives us that confidence. She makes us look good each and every time we work together. What more could we possibly ask for?”
Shannon E. Flynn
Vice President, PLUS Media

“Over several years I've provided Ronni's spokesperson services for organizations ranging from agricultural associations to makers of shelf stable entrees. While Ronni's ostensible message is about how people can become better organized and save time, underneath it all she talks about overcoming obstacles. Whether it's a cluttered closet, eliminating kitchen chaos, or finding personal time, Ronni's practical approach makes daunting tasks doable.”
Deb Durham
President, Spokesperson Plus Network

“I find a reason to bless you every single day because of the brilliant insight you gave me into how to organize all the aspects of my life. Perhaps above all, you taught me how to plan intelligently, and set goals and priorities. So much time and energy has been saved.”
Mirium Balmuth
Personal Client